Fine Art

The art showcased in this gallery is very limited to what Larry Garcia has produced. To him, everything has been practice for what he is currently working on. Most of his completed fine artwork was made during or soon after he attended college, from the years 2004-2008. With his fine art being sidelined for several years due to the initial success of Limited Quantities, there is not much to show for his pointillism pieces. But then again….it is DOTS we are talking about! Blogs will be out periodically to focus on a certain projects Larry has worked on. Commissions are always discussed for anyone interested in an LG original.

Award Winner Extended Award Winner Extended

20″x26″ pen and ink on paper
The AWE is an extension of the first piece Larry completed in dots, simply called the Award Winner. It had no real name because it was just a page in his sketch book, practicing the method of stippling during winter break. With his first art competition nearing and no pieces completed, at the urging of is professor, he ripped it out of his sketchbook and turned it in for review. Not only did it get accepted, it took 1t place in the drawing category. With only a copy of the original left, he made a bigger and better version of the Award Winner!

Tendrils Tendrils

38″x28″ photo color ink and acrylic on wood panel

Glass Panel Glass panel

10″x14″ color ink pen on glass panel

Super Tendrils Super Tendrils

38″x28″ photo color ink and acrylic on wood panel

Pointilistic Bouquet Pointilistic Bouquet

An adaptation of Glass Panel

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