Larry Garcia was born in San Antonio, Texas and grew up in Dallas where he first started drawing cars in pencil for recreation during high school. His strong passion for creating art led him to study it in college at the age of 23, which is where he found a fascination in the complex and surreal artwork from artists such as M.C. Escher and Salvador DalĂ­. Starting as any traditional artist would, from pencil drawings and map colors, the next steps were watercolor, acrylic and oil paints. Never settling for one technique, even after having successful and amazing works of art in those mediums, he found H.R. Giger and quickly took up the art of fine airbrush.

After completing his first stippling art assignment, he fell in love with this particular technique and entered it in the student art competition, winning first place! He realized then he had found his calling and begun developing his style, always trying to further his artistic versatility on a variety of material. His acrylic and dot paintings have always been very popular, but along the way he tried his hand in custom shoes and apparel.

The demand on his custom themed shoes and t-shirts compelled him to start his own custom clothing line based around his new style; Limited Quantities. Meanwhile, he became co-founder of a charitable organization with one of his favorite bands, where he designed custom t-shirts and successfully started selling across the country and other parts of the world.

However, even with the success of his custom t-shirt line, his passion pulled him to pursue his true desires of creating art that would be true to himself. His first challenge down this new path was an idea he had in his head for 8 years. The Very Point of Existence is a 9 foot long 6 foot tall canvas and is poised to be the world record holder for the most dots placed on any size canvas. A massive and surreal depiction of the Arch Angel Michael surrounded by tens of spheres that depict life on Earth. Meant to shed light on a lost art and provide motivation for anyone that anything is possible. Even 30 million + dots on 94 sq. ft. of material!

In 2014, he established a partnership with web developer and designer Lucia Lattanzio and Neodot was born, a design studio focused on creating several series of modern, trend-forward artwork in stippling. This venture aspires to uniquely decorate every aspect of the residential and commercial contemporary environments with completely original designs. From the curtains to the floor, the walls to you back, Neodot hopes to add a touch of dots to anyone’s life! Neodot Design will begin with limited edition prints and originals on clear acrylic, wood and aluminum panels, but stay tuned for more information by checking the Blog or contacting Larry Garcia.

The future holds endless possibilities for his expertise in stippling, and his aspirations are to continue to express his creativity in dots to be seen across the world.

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